About Mudlet

Author: Heiko Köhn

Contact information can be found in the source code and the about dialog in program. It’s omitted here to avoid spam.


Vadim Peretokin GUI design and initial feature planning. He is responsible for the project homepage and the user manual. Maintainer of the Ubuntu packages. Project management, public relations & user help. He has been with the project from the very beginning and is an official spokesman of the project.

Chris Mitchell has developed a shared module system that allows script packages to be shared among profiles and he has contributed some patches for the mapper.

Thorsten Wilms has designed our beautiful logo, our splash screen, the about dialog, our website, several icons and badges. Visit his homepage at thorwil.wordpress.com.

Leigh Stillard is the author and maintainer of our windows installer.

Bruno Bigras has developed our cross platform cmake build script and he has committed a number of patches.

John Dahlström helps develop and debug the Lua API. He’s currently inactive.

Damian Monogue is in charge of developing and building binary packages of Mudlet for Windows and Apple OSX. He also administers our server and helps the project in many ways.

Carter Dewey has submitted 3 small patches so far. Hopefully, we’ll see more in the future.

Maksym V. Grinenko documentation, forum work and helps with GUI design and contributions to the user manual.

Most icons are taken from the KDE4 oxygen icon theme at www.oxygen-icons.org and www.kde.org. The rest of the artwork is from Thorsten Wilms.

Special thanks

to Tomas Mecir who brought us all together and inspired us with his KMuddy project. Mudlet is using some of the telnet code he wrote for his KMuddy project www.kmuddy.com.

and to Nick Gammon for giving us some valued pieces of advice.


Mudlet is released under the GPL License version 3.